I'm starting to feel like I have no idea which is up, what's ahead of me, where I'm going, how soon will I get there?
I have a lot of homework, especially writing to do, but I'm having a case of writer's block with one particular assignment.

Stolen: Patio Set

So I guess it was Tuesday, I left around 3:30 to head up to campus, left, everything was fine and normal. I came back around 7:30 and my beautiful patio set was GONE. I attempted to call the emergency maintenance line and ask if they knew whether or not maybe the maintenance men took it for some reason.

Well I finally got a call back from them and the guy in charge of the emergency maintenance that night(or week or whatever) apparently works at the sister property and had no idea. So I waited until Wednesday morning and called the office to ask. Well the two people I spoke w/ said they had no idea, and didn't believe anyone moved it.

A couple minutes go by and I get a call, and I just knew it was the office even though I didn't recognize the number, sure enough it was another office worker who confirmed that they did move it b/c since it was sitting in front of my neighbor's window(like it always has been- even though they've seen me out there) that when my neighbors moved out they left it. I explained, "no it's always been outside of her window since I never had a place to put it elsewhere, so her and I had agreed I could leave it there." So finally around 4 on Wednesday it was returned, and I was so thankful to have it back.
So I'm finally learning how to take orders at work.
Here's a picture of the $6 dress I bought at Goodwill a couple weeks ago(see last post)
Here's a picture of my dress from www.10dollarmall.com
Between super short dresses being 'in-style" and me being 5'7" this dress is very short, but don't worry, I was wearing some shorts underneath.
Here's the new collage I made from the say I had surgery, until this past Monday.
So I've been at my parents house since Wednesday, April 4. I plan to go home on the 11th or 12th. Still no word from Tommy, it's been 10 days, but I'm pretty confident he can't contact me b/c of wherever he's at(which I do not know), and is probably thinking I'm mad at him, but I'm not, although I am worried.

So yesterday I got my 3 new Old Navy shirts in the mail! I got a yellow, blue, and white plaid top, it's really cute, and then I got a plain grey v-neck in a size Large, and then I got a cute "periwinkle"(light violet/purple) scoop neck in a Large, but it's a little tight and the material is thin.

Today my mom finally accepted the fact that she's gotten a lot smaller. She kept saying she refused to buy new clothes until she was a size 12, well I was online one day and I found a size 12 Calvin Klein skirt, I offered the seller $10 + $5 for shipping, and she accepted. This trip home, even though I bought the skirt for Mother's Day, but I went ahead and brought it home b/c I was pretty sure it would fit her, and I knew she didn't own a size 12 in anything else, so my thought was if she doesn't own anything else that fits, this skirt will fit. And guess what it fits. So that inspired her to go shirt shopping today. We went to JC Penney's and picked up some shirts, the first shirt we picked up I said to go ahead and pick up an XL as well b/c the shirt had no give or stretch to it, so if she liked the shirt, just in case a Large was too small we wouldn't have to go back. But in all the other shirt's we picked up we got a Large b/c they all were stretchy. As we were walking out I saw these plain tops, and I suggested she consider getting one, well out of curiosity she asked if she should try on a medium, and I said sure. I didn't think she was that small yet, but it never hurts to try something on, worst that can happen is you hate it and put it back. So she tried on the medium and they fit GREAT! She looks so skinny. When she was trying on the first 3 shirts I was like wow, you look so skinny, I've never seen you this small. Which is true, I've never in my life seen her smaller than a size 14. And now she's a size 12.

I will say that *unfortunately* my mom's finally willing to get rid of some of her better clothes some of which I really like, and well now they're also too big for me, since I'm about a size 14 and a Large/XL on top. So now that's she's willing to get rid of them they're now too big for me. :(

When she tried the Medium shirt on, and realized that's how shirts are supposed to fit, I was like "now do you see why I told you 'mom I need shirts that fit!'"

I have to write a proposal over the break, and I think I'm going to write about how "Bi Polar is NOT contagious!" You would be surprised that people still aren't sure about whether or not you can "catch" bi polar or if it's genetic. Obviously it's something I'm knowledgeable over, but still something I could learn more about.

Oh and either this evening, or tomorrow, I'm totally going
If you've made it to my blog, you may have noticed the special on the front page.

I'm offering a one-hour session w/ 20-4x6 prints, and access to digital images for only $37.67 (that's w/ tax).

This would normally be a $175 value. So I'm offering it for less than 1/2 of that. This is not limited to any type of session. Session does have to be in Nacogdoches, else there is a $45 travel fee for sessions outside of Nacogdoches up to 50 miles.

The goal of this is to boost my experience and portfolio, not to make a profit.